Tara & Blake

this wedding…it was a beautiful and emotional day. a day of complete & blissful happiness… and grief. its a day i wont soon forget …the forecast early that morning was 100% chance of storms and rain  A L L  day. when i last checked the forecast at 11:00 a.m it had dropped to 90%.

90%. ugh.

it looked as though the ceremony had to be moved indoors, but everyones spirits were still high, rain is good luck after all!

the beautiful young couple took a chance and decided to do a vow reading privately, back to back, (the groom wanted to see his bride for the first time walking the aisle of their ceremony) outdoors, quickly before the rain started. but a curious thing happened …as the minutes drew closer to the ceremony, there was no rain. the couple made the final decision to go ahead with their outdoor ceremony, and to everyones happy surprise, the skies started to clear and the sun came out …just in time for their I Dos. 90% chance of storms turned into mostly sunny beautiful blue skies!

i believe that every soul at that ceremony, knew exactly why.

this post is for you,

you, that couldnt be there in body, but whos presence could be felt by all.

Venue: Longbridge Golf Course, Springfield Il

Dress: BHLDN

Food: Hy-Vee

Cake/Cupcakes: Hy-Vee

Cake Pops: Brides aunt Amy!

Hair: Gabi Randolph

Makeup: Marcela Fleischli

Jewelry: Charming Charlie

Bride made all of the signs!!!


Suit/shoes: Seno formalwear

Macrame altar: The House Phoenix

Floral: Flowers by Kathy

Brides dad built the frame for macrame!

DJ: Adam Hawkins

Invites: Simply to Impress